Coming Events

June 1                    8:45-11:451st graders to Kl. Cares/Kl. Reads 
                              10:30-12:00 Harmon to Ella Redkey
                              1:00 Mrs. Leary's class play

June 2                    9:00 Fay/Chamberland to Noonan Farms
                               10:30 Wagon Train Adventures- 4th grade
                               12:15-1:45 Row, Cole, Paschal, Strickland,
                                Thompson to Ella Redkey
                               1:15 Pioneer History Program in auditorium

June 3                    10:45 6th gr. Rocket Launch at Pondo
                               12:15-2:45 Ms. Bassett's Author's Tea
                               2:00 Boyd/Kennedy class play
                               Last day for Band/Orchestra

June 6                    9:30 2nd graders to Link River/Moore Park
                              10:15-11:30 Field Day (4th-6th & Bassett)
                              12:15-1:45 Bassett/Wiley to Ella Redkey
                              1:00-2:00 Field Day (K-3rd)
                               7pm School Board Meeting

June 7                    1:30  Talent Show

June 8                    8:30-1:45 3rd gr Science Day at Moore Park
                               9am Sixth Grade Graduation
                               12:15-1:45 Leary, Kennedy, Chamberland,
                               Fay to Harmon to Ella Redkey

June 9                    10-12:00 Fay/Chamberland to Kit Carson
                               12:15-1:45  Williams to Ella Redkey

June 10                  Last Day for students