Student Council

Roosevelt Student Council is made up of students from 4th, 5th, and 6th grades.  Members are elected by their classmates. 

2010-2011 Student Council Members

President - Lauryn Farris
Vice President - Joey Tacchini
Secretary - William Sorg
Treasurer - Andrew Reynolds
6th Grade Activities Director -Jesse Terry
5th Grade Activies Directors - Emily Cardoza & Allyssa DeFillipo
4th Grade Activies Director -  Jacob Drouin & Addy
Classroom Representatives - Will Griffith, Trenton Higgins

Addy's Campaign Speech

My Name is Addy
I speak for the trees
And the trees say they want
Cool activities!

Way back in Klamath Falls
Where the fresh-cut grass can be smelt
Stands a proud elementary school
They call Roosevelt.

One morning I came to this glorious place
And I first saw the trees, the trees, the activity trees -
Mile after mile in the fresh morning breeze.

Friends, I am Addy,
I speak for those trees
And the trees say they want
Awesome activities!

I speak for the trees
For the trees have no tongues
And Im asking you - please-
At the top of my lungs

Listen to the trees
All filled with tree-nectar
And vote for me - Addy
For Activities Director!

I know I am small out of all in K-Falls
but I will rise to the call this fall and here-efter
If you all vote for me for Activities Director!

None ever finds me all done with my fun,
I like to have fun in the snow and the sun
And activities I am figgering
On biggering and BIGGERING
Because everyone here know that they needs
More and more fun activities!

My name is Addy
I speak for the trees
I don't care about Swomee Swans or Brown Barbaloots
I don't care if you eat all your veggies and fruits
I don't care if your name is Martha or Hector
I just want to be your ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR!

Vote for Addy!